Delirium Tremendous

by Shake It For Grandma

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released March 5, 2012

Everything one could possibly list was done by Ian Reynold and Ashley Wylde.



all rights reserved


Shake It For Grandma Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Zonda Chic
reading you just like a script
while you treat me like a fucking petting zoo
I know your looking for love
but at best I'm a Waldo who might vomit up a thank you

it's a little white whisper you deliver
that sets my mind onto those hips
but looks aren't free I'm not a library
you can't check me out unless I can dip in your slit

I'm seeing diamonds in those eyes
a hard gold solid when you cry

even though I'll always break the binding
the tear was fun because it made me sick
should have known not to trust my senses
I can't really be that electric

These whaling sirens are empty threats
like warning labels on cigarettes

police parades, pedantic wolves
lying in the garbage oh my

when Mass is over come over
confess in my undressing room
if you follow treasure maps
X's always end up trash

I put the wreck in erection
like jesus on the neon cross
I put the fact in crucifixion
until Christ's blood gave me memory loss

put my wafer on your tongue
transubstantiatial fun

I found out we were terminal
my weeping sniffle burning drip
it really wasn't fun at all
peeping up your Freudian slip

crack a rock of break neck speed
no need to hide to throw a beat

prophetic liars spitting gold
painting visions of the life we think we hold

when Mass is over come over
confess in my undressing room
if you follow treasure maps
X's always end up trash
Track Name: Biting The Hands That Please
your sexuality seems so unsuited for you
if it were up to me I'd take you in my room and never let you leave
the homo erotic baseness my morals can be easily replaced with
strutting like a mother bitch excited by your censorship
every hit I ask for you can give
scintillating black box blurry bits

let the ghost out
tripping in the void
gunna let them in
when I close my eyes

white out my sticky notes
blow myself in your tissue
all of the birds and bees could never understand what we do
I 'd love to navigate your territory
palpitating to your thrust monopoly

I want to confiscate I want to take away your heart
I want to magistrate I will berate your private parts

you got an ultra sound
the problem must be drowned
I'm gunna drain it out
and fertilize your next of kin
please keep our dumpsters baby free
pay for my vasectomy

you make me feel retarded
blow my brains in your garden
if you ask pretty please I'll wear the mask and you shall receive
embracing my liquidity
spilling secrets in your jeans

I want to confiscate I want to take away your heart
I want to magistrate I will berate your private parts
Track Name: Mouthful For Your Earhole
The beer  wench got angry eyed when I
Ordered a whiskey-vodka
The DT spiders crawled in as I'm
Doing the dance of nausea
Our backdoor memories have stained your seclusion with
Nocturnal emissions of Herculean proportions

Learned a trick from a floozy out came  a
Calico kind of rainbow
Can I chomp it quick?  Lipstick, n whip choke hold
Follow me round the rim hole
I wanna see you naked, but i promise you you'll fake it
your masturbation face is emitting non consensual sexting pretensions.

Ganked a case of vetalar from the
Animals of the shelter
My kitsch. is full of taste cause I'm
Letting out all the flavor
I've suckled from Baphomet's mammaries but I  won't
suck him off cause he would never pay for the abortion.

The doctor recommended
vermicide in the vulva
But my rapacious gut won't
settle for half the bottle
I wonder if I'll make it, I'm not nervous but I'm shaking.
my insufflation place is reflecting nostril pinching winks of elation.

We're beyond meditation
Waiting for illumination

Waiting for the pill to kick I'm
mimicking love's vibration

Fuck you Bill W, I
never will join the program

I've jumbled your genitals, in more ways than one, and you know
my hangover costs more than your college education

my daydreams can't escape from
underwear confiscation

Can you like fly me out so I can
focus on my libations

Soliciting temptation, I feel like I'm on vacation.
Your degradation moves are erecting lust for coital cunt fermentation.

We're beyond meditation
Waiting for illumination
Track Name: Ketaset, Go!
Freaked out with blood on my hands
Like a line out of a nightmare, are you the wet of my dreams
Medicine for the doctor to tarnish the shine forever
Beautiful intoxicants, deflowering innocence
Like a mermaid you couldn't walk well, as a dog will I sniff your smell
Which brought police to my house, I couldn't shake the shag rug out.

Butterflies land on my eyelashes
I don't want to blink
'Cause they're so beautiful
Vultures circling above my head
They are drawing near
'Cause I'm so beautiful

Stuck to the roof of my mouth
Stealing bones from the catacombs building my skeleton queen
Glitching out of order, now you're not so clever
Velvety intoxicants, synesthetic vividness
Your black magic has darkened my spell
Read your thoughts and thought them well
I cursed the dry in my mouth and searched for pills in the couch

Summoning my death sentence
Couldn't hold my last breath in
Hypnotizing Passages
Castrating my impotence
Transforming my appearance
Sprouting horns like Baphomet
Kaleidoscopic wonderment
Fabricating elegance